Anorgasmia & Frigidity Treatment


  • Powerful Hypnosis Help For Anorgasmia &
  • By Master Hypnotherapist Duncan McColl
  • Anorgasmia & Frigidity Treatment' CD and
  • Full Length Hypnotherapy
  • Learn to Achieve Orgasm Naturally and
  • Learn To Relax And Be At Ease When
    Making Love
  • Easy to Order and Easy to Use
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Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

'Anorgasmia And Frigidity Treatment' is a gentle, powerful self hypnosis recording by Master Hypnotherapist Duncan McColl designed to help you to end problems with achieving orgasm. Respectful, and delightfully relaxing to listen to, it provides a host of hypnotherapeutic techniques to help you to end anorgasmia problems.

Improve the Way That You Think and Feel About Sex in General

It is useful not only in assisting you in having an orgasm, but also to repattern any kind of anxiety about sexual relationships and activities.

Easy and Convenient to Use

'Anorgasmia And Frigidity Treatment' is very easy to use. It is recommended that you listen to the CD or MP3 each night at bedtime (it is usual, and quite OK to fall asleep whilst listening), and also at least twice a week at a time other than your normal bedtime.

Fully Guaranteed

We are so confident that you will notice the benefits of this 'Anorgasmia And Frigidity Treatment' that we offer a full 90 day money-back guarantee, so order now with confidence.

Here is an Excerpt from Duncan McColl's Introduction...

'The sensitivity, or the lack of it that each of us experiences as children, is clearly reflected at least in our everyday attitudes to sex, to sexual and love relationships today because until we experience an unforced marriage between sex and love, our laughter in life is likely to have an empty ring. It's for this reason that an analyst in face to face therapy would suggest that you relax and tell the full story of your life, leaving out everything that happened after the first five years, because the formative years are the years in which sex goes underground, when repression and double standards rule. When you awaken, for example, as an infant, to the fact that you have hands and feet, it is a joy for your parents to see you discovering your toes. But when you discover that you have other sensitive areas in your body, how you were persuaded to see the difference between the private and social behaviour, established the pattern for your later sexual development in life. And if, as a result of parental insensitivity, you become sexually or emotionally inhibited, you are just one of the nine out of ten, one of the emotionally inhibited majority. How inhibited, is just a matter of degree, and the good news is that there is no need for you to stay that way, to remain that way, because though we have all been educated away from our nature and from our natural good health, we can easily be shown how to find our way back - back to our own personal expression of love, and to sexual fulfilment in life. Every healthy human being is born with sexual feelings, and developing a healthy attitude towards sex and love involves accepting these sexual urges as vital and proper, as a fundamental expression of all that's wholesome and joyous, all that's healthy, inspiring and truly creative in life, and the good news is, there is never a need to settle for less. And, to make these assurances your living reality, I invite you now to relax.....

'Anorgasmia And Frigidity Treatment'

- Self Hypnosis recording - duration 41:53minsA free bonus Whisper Subliminal track included on the CD version.Click here for more information on Whisper Subliminal recordings.

These recordings are designed to complement traditional medicine, not replace it. If you have any doubts about your mental or physical health you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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