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Blushing Treatment Testimonials

Treatment For Excessive Blushing Testimonials

You made me believe that I’m in control of my mental thoughts and therefore can be in control, to a certain extent, of my physical reactions.

Alison suffered from excessive blushing in social situations.

Hi Steve, You treated me a while ago so I’m sorry its taken me so long to write a recommendation! I came to you hoping that you would click a switch and magically stop my blushing.  This was not the case.  In fact what you did was make me understand the mental reasons for my blushing and therefore how I could programmer my brain to step back from the embarrassing situations.  The sessions made me realise that the reason why I blush is my mental hang ups and if I have invented these problems I should be able to ‘un-invent’ them and even go a step further and re-invent myself however I choose, in my case that would be a confident, strong person. I was in fact my own worst enemy in situations where I used to blush but now I can, most of the time, talk myself out of that panic feeling that was holding me back in so many ways. It’s hard to say how much improvement there has been over time since I saw you but I would estimate that it is at least 80%. Thank you, Alison

Sometimes blushing is not completely eradicated, just massively eased as in Eugene’s case.

Hi steve, this is Eugene from a couple of weeks ago with the blushing. Just writing you with an update. The methods you taught me have definitely helped, although I still blush occasionally.. you cant have everything I suppose. What I have noticed is a dramatic decrease in the amount I care. if I start to blush I can normally stop myself from caring enough for it to go away. also in situations where I used to blush I would almost work myself up into a panic attack e.g. walking into a pub on my own. Now I feel so much calmer its ridiculous. Overall I would say my satisfaction has reached about 80% which when you consider it used to be at 0 is great. Many thanks Eugene

Leslie had a lifelong blushing problem. I saw her twice

Dear Steve, Thank you so much for solving my problem. I used to blush all the time for no reason at all, it held me back from interacting with other people and from progressing in my career. Since having hypnotherapy I have decided to move into management and have already had several interviews without blushing and have been offered a few positions, my only problem now is choosing the right place. Now I feel I am much more relaxed and can enjoy life and even if I do think I might blush it doesn’t bother me. Thanks again Kind Regards Leslie
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