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Blushing Treatment Testimonials

I really didn’t expect to write to you so soon. Because the change was so immediate I just had to tell you.
I of course will keep you updated. I can honestly say I felt so free today and the person I truly am inside was at last able to come out and shine.

Mike had tried countless treatments for excessive blushing but remained a serial blusher. Many people such as Mike are surprised at the speed they can change,

‘Hey I can`t believe it….its worked!! Whatever you did has f***** worked!!!! Its a miracle, I cant tell you how much I have improved since our sessions…its almost too good to be true! OK, I sometimes get a little nervous but no more blushing and the more I realise its worked, the more confident i get and the stronger i am becoming. I am pretty impressed with myself in meetings now . I just cant believe that the problem I have had for years has virtually vanished and a whole new me is evolving. Its so exciting and uplifting to be rid of that fear of blushing!!

Steve, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. Its just amazing. Thank you.


‘Kathy had had a severe blushing problem all her life. As with many of these cases, those times when she had been ‘on the spot’, were the worst.  As a student, her chemistry practical’s had been a complete nightmare for her.’

Hi Steve,

Wanted to drop you a line after seeing you yesterday. Just so happened I had a chemistry practical today…always an environment to blush. To be honest I didn’t expect much different than the norm response of massive blushing, feeling drained and crap about the whole thing. After the session yesterday I just thought was too simple to turn around something so quick, that I have suffered with most of my life.

Oh my!!! How wrong was I!!! I can hardly put into words. I felt like a different person. I was truly flying. I felt calm, confident and excelled in the work I was doing. I left the practical feeling alive and on top of the world.

Thanks doesn’t seem to go far enough. I truly am grateful for you seeing me, life at last is taking on an exciting future. Nothing to stop me now!!

Many thanks.


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