How To stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastination

Hypnotherapy and NLP to Help You Overcome Procrastination

  • Procrastination just stops you.
  • It stops you from living to the full.
  • How much better will life be,
  • When you just get on with things?
  • You can overcome procrastination,
  • With help from NLP and hypnosis.

Stop Procrastinating – Hypnotherapy & NLP Will Help You

Many people suffering from procrastination problems will read this page several times, often over a period of months, before deciding to book an appointment.  Then, when they do call, there is a tendency for them to ask endless questions about the treatment as they seek to overcome the feelings they get that have stopped them from simply getting on and doing things.

Do you want to be one of those people, or not…..?

Procrastination is a pattern, or style of thinking

A person who procrastinates to the point of realizing they need help, is probably ‘putting things off’ in very many areas of their life.  This may sound a banal point, but if you procrastinate you almost certainly use the ‘snooze’ facility on your alarm clock, probably repeatedly….and it is this kind of ‘pattern’ that need to change.

Procrastination And Motivation

If you use the snooze button you are using ‘bad feelings’ to motivate yourself to get up. Let me explain: The alarm rings and you wake up enough to realise that it is the first ‘ring’. You reach over and press the button for the extra time in bed. Probably at this point the pillow feels extra especially comfortable and the bedclothes especially cosy. But you reassure yourself that it is the first ‘ring’ of the alarm and you are OK for now.

Depending upon how many snoozes you have set yourself up to do the following sequence then takes place…

The alarm rings again, perhaps you are disoriented for a moment but then you realise it is only the second ring, so you press the snooze button again and begin to drift away, although it is likely that you will begin to have thoughts like, ‘I had better get up soon or I will be late for work, college etc’.

The alarm rings yet again, the bed now feels super comfortable but the thoughts of being late and the potential consequences of being late are beginning to loom larger and larger in your mind.

The alarm rings once more, and now the thoughts of being late may be looming very large, you imagine being told off, or missing a vital appointment, or losing your job, and you become anxious or fearful.  These bad feelings, at some point, are the leverage that gets you up.

So you get up when it is too horrible not to…

Procrastination Causes Stress, Worry, And Inefficiency

Whether you are the student that puts off studying and have to cram like a maniac before exams, whether you are the business owner that procrastinates over sending in his or her tax return, whether you are the overweight person who puts off the thought of eating well or going to the gym, in fact, however you have been procrastinating, your mind can be retrained to make it easy for you to simply get on with the things that are worth doing.

The Direct Approaches Of Hypnotherapy And NLP

We aren't interested in ‘why’ you procrastinate, we are just interested in ‘how’ you do it, how exactly your thought processes result in feelings that stop you doing worthwhile or necessary things. We find that the direct methodology of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), combined with hypnotherapy tend to provide a fast track in training your mind to think more resourcefully and to facilitate your ability to feel more motivated. Hypnosis Recordings - CDs and MP3 Downloads

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