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Fear Of Loud Noises

Fear Of Loud Noises

Hypnotherapy & NLP: Overcome Fear, Phobia Of Loud Noises, Fireworks, Thunder etc

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • Think about what life will be like
  • Without fear of loud noises
  • You will be more comfortable
  • You will be less jumpy, in control
  • End the fear of loud noises.
  • Hypnotherapy and NLP works.

The fear of sudden loud noises is programmed from birth

Fear, or phobia of loud noises is the a basic fear that seems to be with us from birth.  Some people, though, learn an overblown  response to loud noises. They become terrified of sudden loud bangs such as fireworks, thunder, cars backfiring, balloons bursting and so forth.

All phobias are learned responses from earlier experiences. Despite what you may have heard, you don’t have to remember the original incident, or incidents to be cured.

What Will You Do To Cure My Fear Of Loud Noises?

We utilise a full range of techniques to rid you of your fear, although we find that the NLP fast phobia cure techniques tend to work very quickly with most people.

It is simply a question of re-patterning, reprogramming and reconditioning the response. We work directly with the aim of sorting this problem for you in a single session. Occasionally it may take two sessions. Now and again what we do does not work. This is rare.

So please feel free to contact whichever one of us is nearest to you.

Fear of Fireworks

Fireworks can be fun, amazing and entertaining. Most countries have celebrations where fireworks are part of the deal. In the USA there is the 4th of July, in the UK there is November 5th where we celebrate parliament not being blown up hundreds of years ago. In the weeks running up to these kinds of events fireworks tend to start appearing in stores. For people who suffer from the fear of loud noises these are worrying, sometimes terrifying times.

Please feel free to make comments and or ask questions.

24 Responses

  1. Caelainn says:

    So I have a fear of loud, unexpected noises and it’s extremely annoying >.> I can’t go out on Halloween cuz I get too scared, and today I went with my friend To go costume shopping but there was lots of little kid with balloons and I just couldn’t handle it so the trip was cut short. I hate this phobia, what do I do? I want to be able to go out and enjoy myself but I’m being held back with my phobia.

  2. Mia says:

    Hey I’m usually really good with fireworks, I find them enjoyable! but this time was different, the first little ones where ok, but I felt plainly out-of-character and when he loudest one lit, I fell out of my chair in the car and began to slowly rock back and forth, and tried to hide I scarf, and when the finale came there where so many huge, terrifying fireworks that I couldn’t stop myself from sobbing. After the display, my heart felt all electrify and static and my breathing was upmost difficult to control. And with being a person that normally has no fears to the point of tears, I’m labelled to be attention seeking thus there is nobody I can really seek help out of. Does anybody know why this has suddenly come on? Its never happened before! Help!

    • steve says:

      Hi Mia
      Well it sounds like the ‘shock’ of the big firework caused your adrenal glands to go into overdrive. This is how phobias can start though it may just have been a one-off. If you are still panicky at the thought of fireworks then get in touch with me or one of my associates close to you geographically. If you aren’t close to any of us then do a local search for someone experienced with this fear. Hope this helps. Steve Tromans

  3. Rachael Mortimer says:

    Hi. My name is Rachael and I am 42 years old. I have a phobia of loud bangs and have had it all my life. I think I know where it comes from. Anyway I would like to be cured if possible as I am missing out on shows. Every time I go to see something on stage I worry if there will be bangs. I have now started avoiding going. Do you think you can help?

    • steve says:

      Hi Rachel

      Yes it is usually possible to sort these phobias please do feel free to get in touch with one of us.

    • Maureen says:

      Wow Rachael, I feel the exact same way!!! I have had this phobia all my life and it has really affected my way of life. New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July are nightmares for me. I hate going to professional sporting games because of the possibility of fireworks. Concerts often have pyro which terrifies me. I am glad to hear of someone else who has the same anxiety as me. The past few years, the 4th of July has been especially tough because the explosions seem to be extremely loud. I am a prisoner in my own home. Just needed to vent. Thanks!

  4. Glenn says:

    I think my 5 year old daughter suffers from a fear/phobia of thunder and fireworks. It make her physically sick and she ends up running to the toilet. New years eve was 30 mins ago and shes just been throwing up because of the fireworks, she wouldnt even watch them on the telly.

    • steve says:

      Sorry to hear that Glen.

      It may be possible for myself or one of my colleagues to help. Please do feel free to get in touch with whoever of us is closest. Scroll down the page for contact information.

  5. Mary says:

    Thank you guys for edvice but I’ve had this fear for a long time and don’t think anything will help so yah

    • steve says:

      Hi Mary

      It is often possible sort these phobias and it is the norm for someone to have had these fears for a long time.

  6. Terry says:

    I’m a 54 year old mother of 4 and grandma of 2. My fear of loud noises began as far back as 4 yrs old and I remember it. It was July 4th and me and my parents were standing on the beach watching the fireworks. I was terrified! That fear has never left me and it just doesn’t stop with fireworks. It’s EVERYTHING: popping balloons, thunder (and lightning), firecrackers, cars backfiring, gun shots etc. I even went with my grown children to the shooting range hoping I could force a cure – it was disastrous. I was sobbing and couldn’t move. Can this really be cured? Because living life like this has been brutal.

  7. Mikey W says:

    I have a bad fear of thunder. Never really bothered me until my early 20’s after a particularly loud thunderstorm. I am on edge, agitated and sweaty. Never liked balloons n watching them been pumped up puts me on edge. Cars backfiring or beeping their horns suddenly all make me jump. Im not too bad with fireworks,its if they go off without me seeing them,again the making me jump thing.

  8. chris scully says:

    Hello people im 26 And have had a fear of loud bangs all my life i have pictures of me and my mom and papa at the fireworks with me plugging my ears. Still to this day i cant handle loud bangs pops anything backfires from a sled or forklift at work to balloons popping. I can do the fireworks now those dont bother me i still get the sinking feeling with the big ones but not as bad as before. I wish i didnt habe this be phobia because i dont want to Always be nervous or afraid to start my snowmobile or the forklift at work because it may backfire or to have a balloon pop or firecracker go off and not be scared its something i wish i could have disappear any help or ideas thanks guys and gals

    • steve says:


      Where are you located? I will do my best to put you in touch with someone local. If there isn’t anyone local then it may well be possible to sort this vis Skype. Steve Tromans

  9. Georgia says:

    I have a fear of loud noises such as thunder, balloons popping and explosions, I am absolutely terrified. It’s been like that for years ever since I was a child. I am now a young adult. It is one of my phobias and I would like it to stop. I don’t want to cower and always have to put my fingers in my ears. I’m not afraid of fireworks I do well with them, it’s mainly thunder and balloons.
    I’m always nervous that I going to encounter ore loud bangs and I don’t want to for my fear to get any worse.
    If there is a way to cure this or help please let me know

    • anjana says:

      i have a extreme fear of cracker sound.i have this from my childhood itself.i keep my hands at ears and make it as tightly.i get sweating also.iam so much afariding for that sound.i want to come out from that tel me any suggestion

      • steve says:

        Hi Anjana

        There isn’t really any useful suggestion I can give you except find someone experienced in dealing with this phobia and go see them. It does not have to be one of us though a full list of my colleagues is at the foot of this page. Best Wishes Steve Tromans

  10. mary ansel says:

    I am 74yrs.old. Why am I writing now? I am afraid that some day I may have a stroke, or some other incapacitating condition which will prevent me from protecting myself from the sounds which send my adrenaline flow into overdrive. My first recollections of an abnormal response to certain sounds were: a circus clown shot from a cannon, and a gunshot heard out in the country. I was about six years old. My mother always maintained that she recalls no distress on my part as an infant or toddler, with any kind of noise. I must emphasize that loudness itself is not the problem; rather it is the staccato nature of many sounds. Thus, I can listen to the continuous roar of a car race, but not fireworks, thunder, popping balloons, cap guns, popping bubblegum, popping of paper bags, cars backfiring, etc. My parents took me to see our wonderful pediatrician for advice. He thought it best to expose me to a type of ‘immersion’. First my parents sent me outside with a cap gun. I barely got through that, but I was in control. Next, I was put outside on the 4th of July to ‘get used to it’. Abysmal experiment…the neighborhood kids exploited the event and threw lit firecrackers all around me.I screamed so much, I was finally let back into the house and sent to my room. Yet another time, my father got out his CO2 pistol, pinned me down and prepared to fire it. The gun malfunctioned and my father was disgusted with both the gun and with me. I was always shamed for ‘acting up’. Summer was always a miserable time for me, with either thunderstorms or fireworks. That remains so today. However, years ago, a kind person gave me a cuffed radio headset, and I am never without one when certain noises threaten. As a child I experienced a lot of ridicule from playmates, and rude questions from adults. I decided long ago to be up front with people if I found myself in a situation that I knew was going to get awful for me. I am happy to say that for the most part, people have been accepting and understanding, even though they DON’T understand…I don’t understand! I am a retired R.N., and I once asked a colleague, a social worker, if she knew anyone who did hypnosis or age regression. Her comment was that usually such a problem was associated with a forgotten trauma, and she wondered if I was prepared to confront such an event. I’m not sure how I feel about that assessment, but, my mind is open. For the record, my children were allowed cap guns, fireworks, etc. purchased by me, but they clearly understood they would use none of them directly near me. One time, one of my sons came up behind me and popped a paper bag. A look from me got the message across. There are lots of activities I don’t participate in, or only do so with my headset. I don’t expect anyone to not do what they wish, but I insist on my own protection. I’m just tired of it. I long ago gave up caring what anyone thinks of me, but I do worry about a time when I can’t take care of myself. I have great skepticism about any treatment which requires me to make myself listen to the things that send me into a panic. I’ve experimented with popping balloons myself, but there again, I have control, and I still don’t like it. Any thoughts? Thank you!

  11. Kris says:

    Hi there. Ive had a fear of fireworks since I was a kid. I didnt think I was the only one with this problem. I get so nervous that I put my headphones on to block out the noise. I usually end up throwing up or going to thr bathroom a lot. Please help me. I dont want to live like this forever. – Kris B.

    • steve says:

      Hi Kris

      Yes it is a horrible phobia, the best way to deal with this is to find a local therapist with experience and go see them, it is possible to get this sorted out. Best Wishes Steve Tromans

  12. Mark says:

    I think I may have lilapsophobia due to my extreme fear of tornadoes, thunderstorms, and fireworks. I have never been diagnosed but after 29 years of living, I am starting to wonder. Any thoughts?

    • steve says:

      Hi Mark well it looks like it from what you are saying, All phobias are treatable in my opinion, get in touch with someone local with experience. Best Wishes Steve Tromans

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