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Information About Kinesiology Therapy

What is Kinesiology Therapy?

Kinesiology practitioners believe that each muscle in the body is individually wired into the inherent human energy system. The muscles are seen as a way of examining the state of the bio energy flowing within and around the body, the response of a muscle to a particular form of stimulation can be used to diagnose underlying health problems and give useful guidance in deciding a treatment plan.

An illness is viewed as a manifestation of an underlying disruption of the bodies natural energy flows. Once the Kinesiology practitioner Has determined the underlying location of poor energy flow causing the problem the therapist will correct the problem using a variety of techniques taken from several different holistic disciplines including acupuncture, nutritional therapy, herbology and flower and gem essence therapy - to name a few.

What happens during a Kinesiology session ?

The subject rests in a prone position, with one forearm resting at right angles. The Kinesiology practitioner exerts a light pressure on the arm to ascertain the level resistance that the client's muscle is able to give.

If the muscle becomes relaxed then this is interpreted as a "NO" response. A rigid, strong muscle response strong and rigid, this is interpreted as a "YES" response.
The muscles responses are tested in reaction to a variety of stress causing items. The practitioner can discover what weakens the client's energy system, and more importantly ascertain what strengthens it.

The Kinesiology therapist will pose a series of questions, interpreting the answers each time from the client's muscle-test. This allows the practitioner to identify precisely what is stressing the client's system at that time, and then to perform the energy corrections necessary to relieve that stress. By relieving the stress on the system, the body/mind will be freed to implement its own self-healing mechanisms, and the symptoms will diminish and disappear.

This page is devoted to providing you with information about Kinesiology therapy. If you are an organisation or individual with considerable experience in the field of Kinesiology therapy and would like to submit an article providing information about Kinesiology then please email us - steventromans@gmail.com We will be happy to publish well written informative information about Kinesiology and will provide a link back to your website.

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