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Information About Energy Field Therapy

What is Energy Field Therapy?

Energy Field Therapy is a relatively recent arrival in the west, originating from China. This technique is designed to enhance and repair the electrical energy field flowing around and through our bodies. Energy Field therapists state that this Bio-Energy field is critically important in the maintenance of a healthy mind and body.

The body contains 7 major 'Chakras' or energy centres, these Chakras are focus points responsible for regulating energy flow around and through the body. It is these Chakras that can become blocked, disrupting energy and causing feelings of listlessness, undue fatigue and unfitness eventually leading to illness.

Accidents, disease and mental or motional trauma can cause an upset in the Bio-Energy field resulting in a severe degradation in the bodies natural in built healing abilities. Correcting any blockages or impediments to the energy flow will often produce dramatic improvements to a persons state of health.

What happens during a Energy Field Therapy treatment session ?

You will remain fully clothed throughout the treatment which generally takes about 45 minuets. You will be either sitting or standing, whichever the therapist feels is the most appropriate for you.

The therapist will scan your external energy field using his or her hands but no physical contact is normally necessary. Energy Field therapists are trained to find and clear blocked areas thus boosting the bodies own active healing abilities. The treatment will require several sessions evenly spread over a few days to be effective although you may experience immediate benefit after the first session.


This page is devoted to providing you with information about Energy Field Therapy. If you are an organisation or individual with considerable experience in the field of Energy Field Therapy and would like to submit an article providing information about Energy Field Therapy then please email us - steventromans@gmail.com We will be happy to publish well written informative information about Energy Field Therapy and will provide a link back to your website.

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