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You Can Stop Food Phobia


Hypnotherapy and NLP to Help You Stop Food Phobia And Restricted Eating Problems

Hypnotherapy can help you

  • You can overcome food phobia.
  • You can stop restrictive eating.,
  • We have helped many clients
  • To get rid of this ghastly phobia.
  • How much better will you feel,
  • When in control of what you eat.

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‘Here’s a brief history of how I (Steve Tromans) first became involved with resolving food phobias…’

Where Does A Phobia Of Food Come From?

Sometimes a person knows, or remembers some incident from childhood when they became very fearful of food but usually a person has no memory because it happened at such a young age. It is quite common for very young children to go of their food for a few days, usually to the total alarm of the parents, although usually the child naturally re-establishes a ‘normal’ relationship with eating before long. The good news, in terms of curing food phobia, is that it doesn’t matter how it began.

The Parent Tries Everything But Nothing Seems To Work

Occasionally though the person gets ‘stuck’ into a set of thoughts and feelings about food that make them which results in a phobic response to certain (often most) types of foods. The parent tries everything under the sun to get them to eat more food but nothing seems to work. When they express their concerns to the doctor they are usually told that the child will grow out of it, and to be fair, the child usually does in time.

Stuck With A Food Phobia

The clients we see are usually adults, often those who have tried lots of things to get rid of their phobia, quite often those who have never done anything about it but have reached the point in their lives when they are totally ‘fed up’ with the fear.  What they have invariably experienced every time they have tried to eat a ‘new’ food is a gagging or choking response, and it is the fear of gagging, the anticipation that it is ‘going to happen’ that continues to drive the problem.

What Can Be Done About A Phobia Of Food?

Essentially, a fear of food is not a complicated thing, its not like someone is doing a host of different things in their mind when it comes to trying new food. They are doing one thing, the same way, each time. It usually surprises people that this phobia can often be dealt with quite quickly over 3 or 4 sessions, and occasionally one session has sufficed.

What Exactly Will You Do To Cure My Food Phobia

We use direct effective reconditioning techniques from the fields of both hypnotherapy and NLP. We deal with the patterns that have become established and we don’t care where they started because however they started they have become habituated. Now this may be a big, unpleasant habit but it is a habit nevertheless, and habits can be changes.

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2 Responses

  1. Charissa McCarthy says:

    My son has SED and food phobia. He’s in food therapy and seeing several specalists. He’s only 2 years old. We live in Oklahoma City,OK USA. Any thoughts on who could help us here?

    • steve says:

      Hi Charissa and sorry to hear that. As most of us tend to work with cognitive functions, 2 years old is too young for what we do. I wish I could offer more support. All I can say is that the more relaxed and gentle and consistent you are around food, and with your son, the easier it will be for him. Also, avoid using ‘negative language’ around him, people generally have little idea how what we say and what we hear affects us and those around us. For example, never, whilst he is in listening distance, say anything like ‘our son finds eating really difficult, he has a problem with food’, etc etc etc, as comments like this about the problem can actually make it worse. As I say, just be gentle, positive and supportive. People dont realise how difficult these problems can be for the parents… Steve Tromans – London

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