Phobias And Fears – The 'Miscellaneous' Index

Despite the fact that these phobias are very different, it is possible to cure any and all of them with hypnotherapy and NLP

Miscellaneous Phobias and Fears

The fears on phobias on this index page are listed her for convenience of organisation as they don't fit neatly into another category. They aren't necessarily related to each other, even remotely. They are all fears and phobias that we have dealt with successfully, however, and include agoraphobia and claustrophobia (two fears that are sometimes related). You will also find links to further information on how we cure various 'transport' phobias such as the fear of driving, trains and lifts. Other common phobias include death and/or dying, loud noises, bridges, water, swallowing and choking. Then there is the fear of terrorism, or terrorist activity, and lastly the more generalised fear of failure.

Many people believe that agoraphobia is the fear of being exposed in wide open spaces.  Very often, however, the agoraphobia can experience the feelings of fear in more enclosed spaces, and will be constantly looking for an 'escape route' If you are an agoraphobic then you will know what we are talking about.
Agoraphobia help »
Bridges Phobia
Quite often the phobia of bridges is associated with the fear of heights or the fear of falling. It can be very inconvenient to drive hours out of your way just to avoid a bridge, as you may well know.
Fear of Crossing Bridges »
Sometime people experience claustrophobia in a mind way, although very often it is full blown terror of being shut up or confined in any small space they feel that they can't escape from.
Claustrophobia help »
Death and Dying Fears
The fears of death and dying are extremely common, in people of all ages. This phobia is usually connected with fears of loss, separation, isolation and loneliness.  This can be cured.
Fear of Death »
Driving Fears
With any activity that is undertaken by a lot of people, you can be sure that a number of people will have unwittingly developed a phobia. The variations of the fear or phobia of driving (or being driven) are seemingly endless. All tend to respond well to NLP and hypnotherapy.
Fear of Driving »
Failure (Fear of)
The fear of failure does not necessarily work in the same way that the more obvious phobias do.  It is often linked with hesitation and procrastination and is simply the result of the way you have learned to think. These patterns of thinking can be retrained.
Fear of Failure »
Lift Phobia
Are you too scared to get in a lift, fearing a phobic episode? NLP and hypnosis are superb at helping people to stop being afraid of elevators, however and whenever their 'terror' began.
Fear of Lifts »
Loud Noises(Fear of)
The phobia or extreme fear of loud noises such as fireworks and aircraft is one that can be reconditioned using straightforward hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. Although we all develop the 'startle response' when we are young, some people develop an exaggerated response. Find out how we can help cure the phobia of loud noises.
Fear of Loud Noises »
Swallowing / Gagging / Choking Fears
Sometimes these fears are connected with food and drink, sometimes they aren't and the person has developed a high level of fear with the simple natural act of swallowing saliva.  In all circumstances it is possible be trained to swallow naturally and put an end to the fear of gagging, swallowing or choking for good.
Fear of Gagging »
Terrorism Fears
The fear of terrorist activity can be a more complex issue, especially if the person has seen an act of terrorism or has had relatives or friends killed or injured because of terrorism. In all cases we aim to help you to get more control of your thinking so that you are more able to move forwards with your life.
Fear of Terrorism »
Train Travel Fears
Another 'transportation' phobia can be the fear, or phobia of trains. The techniques to cure this are equally valid whatever sort of train travel the person is scared of (and often it is all of them). These include subway, tube and underground trains, over-ground trains, monorails and trams.
Fear of Trains »
Water Phobia
The phobia of water can stop people from going on boats and ferries, can prevent them from swimming, and this fear can be treated. Make water your element.
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