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"Hello and welcome to JustBeWell.com Hypnotherapy and NLP. We provide a combination of training, coaching and education with a wide range of issues. The goal is to facilitate self help, pure and simple"

Steve Tromans Steve Tromans: Founder of JustBeWell.com
1 Harley Street, London
Tel: 07900 240192

Hypnotherapy And NLP Can Work For You

There is a truly immense range of hypnotherapy/NLP techniques and approaches that have proved to be useful to help people to make useful changes to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By using this combination of hypnotherapy and NLP we work very directly with you to train your mind to help you to learn to be able to be more flexible in your thinking, to help you to stop engaging in unwanted automated thinking, feeling and behaviour, and, most importantly, to help you to aim yourself in more useful directions. So the work should not be considered 'therapy' and certainly not 'medical treatments'. It is very much to be seen as a combination of advice, coaching, education, and most importantly, training.

The Direct Approach

The approach, therefore, is to tackle the unwanted thinking and behaviour head-on rather than to spend hours going over the past looking for some 'hidden meaning'/'original cause' in the hopes that discovering and 'coming to terms' with such will magically transform everything. The way that we utilise hypnotherapy, therefore, is more based on NLP style principles and we are almost the opposite to most counsellors and psychotherapists in the way that we interact with our clients. We are not saying that all counselling or all psychotherapy is bad. There are people who can achieve results in any field. We are also not saying that more traditional 'clinical' hypnotherapy is bad; there are countless cases of people who have been transformed by such methods. What we are saying is that in our experience, useful, powerful and rapid results can very often be achieved by using hypnotherapy & NLP without resorting to 'going over the past'. And these results aren't from 'therapy' or therapeutic 'treatments' they are from advice, coaching, education and training.


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Many People have benefitted from this form Hypnotherapy and NLP education and training, we have lots of positive feedback, visit our testimonials pages to see for yourself.

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Master Sam Naples
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Mary Lee
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Adam Szmerling
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Tom Oberbichler
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Beit Shemesh

Menachem Schloss

T: 076-541-0080

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Reggio Emilia

Alessandro Mora
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